"The fresh melodies In our hearts, let them blossom! Aikatsu! Next Melody, Is starting!"
– Opening prologue

Aikatsu! Next Melody(アイドル活動次のメロディ), or Next Melody(次のメロディ) for short, Is a project and series created by Illuminis Projects, and founded by Taka Shiba. The original Idea was created In 2010 as a normal Idol role play, but soon took off as a Next generation of the collectible card game Aikatsu! In 2013. Originally being a role play, It became a Series and Novel (In the working), too.

Aikatsu! Next Melody will have a novel, webtoon, fanbook, story and series In the upcoming of the future. The project Is set 39 Years in the future from Aikatsu!, where all the former Idols have retired and their children are there to take over their Idol activities with a brand new type of Aikatsu!

Illuminis Projects have various administrators to help with the project, Including those who are apart of the Aikatsu! Next Melody development group, the group Is formed of; Ako, Stella, Yozora, Rin, Yuzu, Yume, and Fluffy, Yurika, Eri, Kyoukai, Kokone. The Team draws, voice acts, develops and much more for the project at hand. Illuminis Projects will be known to do various projects In the future, as of now Aikatsu! Next Melody Is their first project.

Before 2016 Aikatsu! Next Melody wasn't apart of the Illuminis Projects group, It was a solo project handled and made by Taka Shiba, but as of 2016 Aikatsu! Next Melody was formed with Illuminis Project and other members to create the Aikatsu! Next Melody developing team. Although, some of the members have graduated and left Illuminis Projects, but most are currently In the team.

Aikatsu! Next Melody has been rebooted and remastered, developed countless times, the most recent one was In 2018 April 12th. Although, It now has became more known and been given countless reviews, although It Is still a small project hoping to achieve greater goals. Aikatsu! Next Melody Is more known than previous years, In 2016 December, It was close to shutting down but Instead It was kept open to be developed on more.

In the early summer of 2016, a OVA was created starring the future main protagonist Chika, the daughter of Ichika who will be the successor of Ichika. It Is known the OVA will not replace Aikatsu! Next Melody but be alongside the show, as a spin-off series, with the series names are hinting a relation as Chika's generation will be named Aikatsu! Blossoming Melodies, similar to Aikatsu! Next Melody.


Ichika Hoshimiya, believes that every Idol has a unique touch, or so her Mother tells her and so, attending the No. 1 Idol school, Starlight Academy! Although, can she handle the pressure and what she has to face? Well, she has her friends there for her! But what If the No. 1 Idol Miyuki who Is tied with Chiyo, tells her she can't If she cannot get through a year In Starlight Academy?

The Academy that Is known to be rough, and hard to get Into, only the best of best can get Into the Academy. Will Ichika be able to face her everyday Aikatsu! with her friends If It's going to be this hard? Will they be able to go through obstacles, face mistakes, and much more? Being a Idol Isn't a mere title, but a job you must do your best with no matter how young you are.

Being able to pull of a appeal, fashion show, or even more a drama! Whatever It Is, Idols must face with a smile. Will Ichika and her friends be able to face all these obstacles and a whole new world they never thought they achieved with a smile? Idols from all over the world, has to go through these obstacles, what differs It? Will there be events that Is far worse than any other Idol has faced? Aikatsu! Next Melody, full of Idol activities and heart warming events, Is starting!


Starlight Academy

Goddess Ark

Constellation Academy

Himezakura Private Girl's Academy

 Étoile Academy

Blessing Saint Private Academy

Blossom Academy

Four Clover Academia