"The fresh melodies In our hearts, let them blossom! Aikatsu! Next Melody, Is starting!"
– Opening prologue

Aikatsu! Next Melody (アイドル活動次のメロディ), or Next Melody (次のメロディ) is a Project created by Taka Shiba, officially founded around 2016, formerly it was a normal Idol project in 2010, but soon re-debuted as a Aikatsu! project in 2013, later being developed during mid-2016. Having a ongoing novel and role-play. The project is a official Aikatsu! Amino project, a Amino for Aikatsu! Fans worldwide, the project features if the current, prior Aikatsu! Characters had children, set 49 years after Aikatsu! Friends.

The general development team for Aikatsu! Next Melody is comprised of over 15+ members who help in different areas, the team does different activities to help promote and extend it to the mainstream, during this time lapse Aikatsu! Next Melody has been rebooted, remastered, developed countless times with unexpected turns and twists to make it all the more lovable. It had a chance of shutting down in late December, however, it was chosen to be developed more for the future. Next Melody, is a small project that allows all ages to join in and learn more about friendship, life lessons and more illustrated within Idols.

Aikatsu! Next Melody has a very simple Idea to the reasoning of the Project. We want to put a proper figure up for younger audiences, getting Influenced easily by violence within shows and bad-behavior, we would like to Illustrate a different approach to getting Into the mainstream, using more gung-ho and Life-learning lessons rather than Violence as comedy, to help Children have more knowledge of the world without harming their Innocence. Next Melody, is for all ages and is free to be given advice.

Aikatsu! Next Melody is also for entertainment purposes, we do not define the franchise Aikatsu! as our own, this is for entertainment purposes only and all rightful rights go to Bandai for the Idea of Aikatsu! this is a fanmade project and is not canon in any way possible. If you have any problems Involving this Issue, or some other please do contact, we will try to get back to you as soon as we can, however, we have not plagiarized any other project in anyway, this is full of fresh Ideas, the only used concept is the AIkatsu! Franchise, and the reasoning being this is a fanmade project off the concept.

If you have seen any plagiarized projects, that copy and take Ideas from Next Melody please contact one of the members or our email, (, if you do not have a email and have Amino, please contact one of us in the Aikatsu! Amino, you can contact one of the team members if seen with this Issue. If you are Interested in participating, please do contact us. Or if you are Inspired and want to start up a project like this, go ahead! However, you must credit and link back to our project.


Ichika Hoshimiya, believes that every Idol has a path, or so her mother tells her. Being accepted into the well-known Idol school, Starlight Academy! Will she be able to face daily obstacles with a smile? The top Idol Miyuki making it well known if she cannot get through a full year with a average record, she will be deemed unfit as an Idol.

The Academy that Is known to be rough, and hard to get Into, only the best of best can get Into the Academy. Will Ichika be able to face her everyday Aikatsu! with her friends If It's going to be this hard? Will they be able to go through obstacles, face mistakes, and much more? Being a Idol Isn't a mere title, but a job you must do your best with no matter how young you are.

Being able to pull off an appeal, fashion show, or even more a drama! Whatever It Is, Idols must face with a smile. Will Ichika and her friends be able to face all these obstacles and a whole new world they never thought they achieved with a smile? Idols from all over the world, has to go through these obstacles, what differs It? Will there be events that Is far worse than any other Idol has faced? Aikatsu! Next Melody, full of Idol activities and heartwarming events, Is starting!


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Starlight Academy

Goddess Ark

Constellation Academy

Himezakura Private Girl's Academy

 Étoile Academy

Blessing Saint Private Academy

Blossom Academy

Four Clover Academia


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